Back in 1995 my dad bought an awesome computer.  It was a 120mhz 80meg of ram with 1.5gig hard drive.  Back then it was the mother of all computers.  The best computer to play the classic game of doom.  Soon my dad introduced me to the internet.  The internet back then wasn't as exciting as it is today. Only search engines that existed were yahoo, excite, and AltaVista.  Of course there were ones that only the esoteric knew.  I had a growing interesting in learning how the internet worked and soon taught myself how to build a web page.  

Since then, Microsoft have developed nice web publishing programs for the people just starting out.  Because of them I have gotten pretty lazy in learning the new html codes and have been using Front Page to make my site.  Which explains why this site is still below average despite how long I have been familiar with the internet. 

I now use a 400mhz 128meg of ram with 40gig hard drive which is getting obsolete compared to current top of the line systems right now.  So that's how the story goes.  Site created around 1995 to this date.  And my web counter isn't even that impressive.  I guess no one likes my site.  But maybe that's because I only have cars and my personal stuff on here.

So now you know the background and how this site came about.  Now go look at something else.


update: built my own computer a few months running with 1.4ghz amd athlon processor with 256mb ddram.  40 gig hard drive.

update: added 80 gig hard drive

update: 1.8ghz processor.  360 gig hard drive.