This story isn't really comical, but rather death defying.  One day Trey and I were crusing on the highway.  Brandon was driving his famous Acura Legend and we were uhh...let's say we were both accelerating fast to see who could get in front.  Anyways...there was this huge 18wheeler gas tanker.  Trey slows down from a safe distance but Brandon keeps heading right for it!  He switches lanes right at the last minute.  Basically the scariest thing I have ever seen.  Trey swerved to oncoming traffic for some reason watching Brandon.  He claims that he thought we were going to hit him, but we were like a mile away from him.  We meet up and Trey said something about him hitting the brake-o-roonies once he saw the gas tanker.  I think it's one of the few famous lines Trey has.  Probably the only famous line.

If you got a death defying story.  Tell me.