This part of the site is dedicated to the BEST MODIFIED CAR EVER TO ROAM THE IMPORT SCENE!

Here's the car.  A 1986 Acura Legend.  Now at first glance you can already tell this isn't your ordinary Acura Legend.  From this first picture you can tell that it has CuZdUm ground effects.  It's also a well known fact that yellow=high performance and therefore Brandon has taken the liberty to outfit his legend with yellow fun noodles from kmart to create a high performance bodykit.  Since Kmart filed for bankruptcy these CuZdUm ground effects will escalate in price in the next days.  So therefore...everyone better go and get them before they are all gone!

In this second picture you can tell this car is RWD (Rear wheel drive).  People ask me, how can you tell Howard?  I tell them, "Well it's relatively quite simple to distinguish a front wheel drive car from a rear wheel drive car.  First off a front wheel drive car doesn't require a rear spoiler to put down force to the rear of the car because traction is much needed in the front tires. A spoiler in the back would make the front end of the car rise up and limit traction to the front tires.  But in this can clearly see this legend is RWD because of the huge spoiler."  With this HUGE YELLOW spoiler made of CuZdUm materials from kmart, traction at high speeds is a piece of cake.  I think there is a road that goes upside down off of Grapevine Highway and I've seen this car stick to the road upside down on that road.  INSANE ISN'T IT?!

Here we take a look from the front of the car.  Another beautiful shot at Brandon's front CuZdUm ground effect.

When Brandon and I were finished putting on his CuZdUm windshield banner we were shocked.  We never thought installing a windshield banner looked this good!  We couldn't just make any ordinary windshield banner because this isn't no ordinary car.  We had to definitely get a high performance banner for this high performance vehicle.  To make everyone know what the yellow (high performance) thing across the windshield we had to write in "windshield banner" to let everyone know that it's indeed a windshield banner.  That way we don't confuse any on lookers on the road.

Here's a better view.  Since all high performance cars have chinese letters written on them to improve their performance by ten fold, I decided to write some chinese letters to Brandon's car.  If you can't read chinese this is what I wrote.  "Big Car" clever isn't it?  You can also check out the cool jump rope for heart sticker my sister got from her school.  This car is PimPin!

Here's a view from the side.  You can see the side skirts.  An added final touch that the Honda engineers neglected to implement in this car.

Now we move on to NOS.  We all know that NOS is the juice that makes cars go FAST.  And this car is nothing but FAST. it the other way around?  As clearly indicated on Brandon's fuel tank door.  This is indeed NOS equipped.  And to be "original"  I purposely and unknowingly created the arrow on the NOS logo go underneath the logo instead of ontop.  This is to create less drag and less stress on the letter N.  Wouldn't you be tired if your the letter "N" and had to hold up a freaking arrow all the time?  I would be.

Now we move to the minor details.  Notice his european side markers that Brandon choose to install on his car?  Not to mention he removed his center cap from his wheels.  Not only does this create the dragster look, it also creates the autocross look. Does this mean he autocrosses?  Obviously since it's an autocrossing tradition to remove center caps.  It also implies that Brandon also took into consideration stage one of weight reduction.  If you are wondering...approximately 3 ounces.  Can you also see his 10 finger gap between the tires and the fender?  Not to be shocked.  This car has AIRBAGS!  It's just constantly on the HIGH position all the time.  See, if you look closely you can see the airbags.  See them?  Look Closer.

After some fun....this car was retired and smashed into smithereens.