This event takes place after a hard days work at school.  Trey just got some parts for his car and conveniently it came with some lovely cardboard boxes to play with.  Brandon and I had a fun time scaring old people.  Take a look!

Brandon with his new head.  If you were wondering what it says right underneath his says, "come play with me."

There's me off to the left.  I got a new face.

Watch out Trey!  Brandon's sneaking up on you!

Brandon's new head was so comfortable he forgot he still had it on.  Here's a picture of him trying to get inside of his car to drive home.  HAHA!  He's so silly.

Ah!  He finally made it inside!  I don't think he looks to good though. I think the box is hurting him....?  Either that or...something is choking him..???

Well...that was a fun experience.  I had so much masking nose was actually squished flat against the cardboard.  I had to cut out a hole for my nose. 

Mmmmm much more comfortable!