Slightly edited for more funnyness otherwise true story

Dad: Hey son how are you?

Me: Pretty good

Dad: How was your test?

Me: good

Dad: I am depressed because SARS closed down Motorola for one week.  What should I do during this time?

Me: vacation.  Why don't you play Mah Jong or Monopoly

Dad: Should I go play golf?

Me: Ok....go play golf

Dad: Kelly Smetters wears a mask playing golf here.

Me: Who's that? about a romantic candle lit dinner for two during your vacation?

Dad: Mom is laughing....she says I rather read a book on the crapper than be romantic

Me: Mom is right.

Dad: I want to retire when you graduate from college.  Where should I live?  Taiwan or California?  Where do you want to live?

Me: How about you go live in Hawaii....I want to live in.....Texas or Tennessee

Dad: I want to be your neighbor.  Why Tennessee?

Me: Ok be my neighbor....I like Tennessee because that's where Elvis is from and they have caves.  I like the scenery when I drove through it over spring break....How about you go build a house inside a cave in Tennessee....that would be sweeeeet.

Dad: Mom says that's a good idea.....she likes Tennessee because Dolly Parton is there.  She likes her.