A collection of people farting on me

    Well this story is pretty tricky.  Because this life experience is kind of weird.  So far 2 people have farted around me but didn't realize that I was in their presence.  So here comes the story.  One day out of a beautiful clear sky I was minding my own business and walking to get my mail.  These two teenage girls are walking along the sidewalk.  They had already walked about 10 feet away from me and right when I was opening the mail door to get my mail.  BOOM!  One of the girls farted.  This isn't any old fart.  This was basically the LOUDEST FART one can handle.  So one of the girls laughs but the other girls looks at me like she has never farted in her life.  I went inside and played on the computer.

This next farting experience happened rather recently.  I was at work taking my break.  And working an 8 hour shift is pretty hard on your stomach.  So I decided to take a break.  I walk into the break room and there was this kid that looks like he's 40(I think he is actually 40) buying some candy at the snack machine.  I'm right behind him and waiting for him to finally choose his good old snack.  So he slightly bends over to get the snack that's coming out of the latch dropper outter thing when....(you guessed it) KA-SWEET-KATY-CHO-CHO-BOOMY!  So I guess apparently he didn't hear me when I was behind him or something.  After that I coughed slightly and he looked at me and said sorry.  And walked away.

I wished people would stop farting on me.  Has anyone farted on you?  If so tell me about it.