Many of you would know that I like quoting lines from the famous movie Forest Gump.  Yes, the same movie who also won Best Picture and nominated for various other Oscar awards.  But lets get serious.  I don't even look at the least bit like Forest Gump.  Just take a little observation from the picture above.  You would notice first off that his head is quite deformed.  If your eye is trained for this, you might also notice that his head isn't made up of cardboard like mine.  I mean these view reasons basically answers all of everyone's question.  But even these obvious clues still doesn't convince people.  Take for example.  I was taking  a break from working.  There is a comfortable bench in front of my work and I decided to relax there.  Then all of a sudden a feather comes landing on my foot.  Just like the picture above.  All I want to know is....where the heck did that feather come from?  Next thing I knew I was commenting on how nice other people's shoes were when they walked by and how I wished I had shoes like theirs.  Ughh...I wish it would just stop.  If you have experienced deja vu from a movie you have seen.  Please tell me your dramatic experience.