My injuries

    Many people have different kinds of injuries.  Others more serious than others.  Hmm that was kind of a weird sentence.  Anyways...many people have logical and ethical injuries.  What exactly do I mean when I say this, you ask?  Well take for example this kid I know at school that broke his arm.  This is what he told me.  He said, "Well Howard I was taking out the trash at my work.  I was on this forklift throwing out the trash when suddenly I lost my balance and fell.  That in turn broke my arm."  Well to me that sounded pretty logical and ethical injury to achieve.  I haven't broken a bone in my body before, but I can tell you one funny injury of mine.  To prepare you for this insanely stupid story, I have to warn you that this injury is not logical, neither is it ethical.  This injury has got to be the stupidest injury causing story ever known to man. that is said and done here is my story.  The story starts out when I'm in 4th grade.  We were merely lining up to go down to the cafeteria to eat lunch.  In the halls there is a staircase which is made up of 3-4 steps that leads into the cafeteria.  My class were walking down it as usual when suddenly hell froze over.  Polar bears, Eskimos, and penguins from all over started to inhabit the staircase.  I was at the 2nd to last step of the staircase when I decided that it would be cool to skip the last step and jump off like a skydiver.  Yay for me....I sprained my ankle and I had to wear a little mini cast for a couple of weeks.  I don't think anyone else's injuries is as unethical and illogical as mine.  If you do...I would like to hear it. 

Other people's injuries unedited and in original form

Anonymous(requested): I read your story, and one day, I was really excited so I was jumping up and down in the elevator and then I landed on my foot the wrong way.  This was a couple of weeks ago. It kinda hurt. But it wasn't sprained. But once I sprained my ankle because my brother had a semi-chubby friend and we were on the trampoline and his friend landed on my ankle and it was sprained. But I wasn't allowed to tell my mommy because then he would get in trouble. So it was a secret....shh!