**warning: If you have high blood pressure you should not read this.

    One of my favorite past times is to go to this kid named Karen McEntire's house.  As you can tell from the picture, many weird occurrences take place at her house.  Whenever I come near within ten feet of this place, a weird feeling overcomes my entire body and I start doing crazy things.  As pictured here...I am doing a balancing act on her trash can.  If I was not possessed by some weird spirit I would surely not be doing a balancing act.  If you knew Howard.  You would know that doing balancing acts is one of Howard's SUPER BIG PET PEEVES.  Do you now understand how this house is truly weird?  Back to the story.  In the beginning of this paragraph I said this house is my favorite past time.  Why do I say that, you ask?  Well for one reason, this house is not equipped with a microwave.  Instead, it is equipped with a plant bought from the flower section at Target.  The entire food contents of this house does not exceed the 2000 calorie diet.  Junk food such as cookies are often locked up in a safe reserved only for Mister McEntire.  Not because the cookies taste good, but because Mister McEntire bought them.  Because of this ridiculously weird territorial act, his children pretend they are one of the former band members from Limp Bizkit.  They whip out one of their 6,331 lovely selection of guitars and start playing faith to relieve their rage inside of them.

    As you can tell,  all of these descriptions doesn't really make any sense at all.  It also doesn't even explain why it's my favorite past time because the previous paragraph was just incredibly stupid, filled with unorganized distasteful thoughts.  Umm...yea.  I guess I'm done.