Why I ask permission to fart

Now if you are a good friend of mine.   You would know that whenever I'm about to free my intestines of acidic stomach gases.  I usually ask permission.  Many don't understand why I ask.  I mean...if you think about it, wouldn't it be easier to just fart and hope no one notices?  Or fart as loud as you can so everyone knows that you farted so they would get away?  Seems pretty logical.  Not me.  I ask for permission.  I believe asking for permission to fart has many advantages. 

First off, asking for permission is very courteous.  You see, sometimes I don't like hearing the farting sound.  If someone were to ask for permission to fart I would either A) say sure you can, and plug my ears or B) say no.  But since 99.9% of the people that fart are rude, I don't have the luxury of choosing.  Secondly, I ask permission because that way I'm mentally preparing to allieve myself of the bloating inside of me.  Many don't do this and I have done some research.  I think some kid over at Jack-in-the-Box said it's not healthy.  And last but not least, it also prepares the people around you aware that you are about to fart.  Sometimes when people fart, they catch me off guard and I actually get blown away.  Jeez.

So in conclusion, I hope people would take my advice.  Next time when you fart.  Please ask for permission.  Also if you have something weird that you always do before you do it.  Share it with me.