This is a rather short and simple story.  What happened was my friends and I were sleeping over at Billy's house.  Me and three other boyz.  Just fiddling around.  A long time ago, Brandon called the couch to sleep on.  Trey was being a "real go getter" and kept saying that he called it first.  Well one thing led to another and Trey sprinted to lie down on the couch.  Uh oh...bad move Trey.  Brandon sits on Trey's face.  This isn't your regular sitting.  This is basically your rubbing against the carpet on the floor because your butt is really itching sitting.  Right on Trey's face.  Well the hole time Trey doesn't seem to mind.  So Brandon just keeps doing it.  This lasted for a total of about 30 minutes until Trey decided it was no use. I was staring at them the whole time.  MAN....Did I turn queer after that experience.

If you turned queer.  Tell me how you got there.