Well my work is quite interesting.  I have good days and bad days.  But I'll just like to share this one memorable day at my work with everyone so they know how stupid I am.  You see...I work at Starbucks at the new SuperTarget.  It's mostly slow throughout the day and it gets quite boring sometimes.  Sometimes I entertain myself pushing the steaming button on the 5000 dollar espresso machine so it makes all the steam come out.  So basically...I'll be sitting there pushing on, off, on, off, on off, forever.  Sometimes the Deli people would come over to see why the heck was it making that annoying racket.  If you come see me...you either see me doing that...or playing with the scanner gun.  Particularly me trying to shoot it in people's eyes when they aren't looking.  But enough of my boring babble here is the story.  One day....when I was working Starbucks and it was closing time.  It had been a very long day and I just wanted to get the fook out of there.  Every night you have to empty out all the trash cans.  Well...at Starbucks there is a total of 4 trash cans.  And after a full day of coffee making...there are a lot of leftover coffee in the trash cans.  I emptied the trash cans out, but neglected to notice that two of the trash bags had a huge hole in it.  As you would have guessed...it was leaking lots of black coffee.  What's the big deal you say?  Well the big deal is....I have to take the trash bags out to the trash compactor.  The compactor, you see, is on the other side of the store. So basically....drip drip drip across the entire store.  And everyone is like...hey what exactly are you doing?  And I said, "what?" and kept on walking.  Then I was heading back to Starbucks and everyone was staring at me and laughing.  Basically, I'm dumb.  Don't forget...this is inside of a SuperTarget.  Do you have any idea how long I walked to even get to the trash compactor?  After that...I had to clean it up. I got a mop and started mopping the stuff and the managers were like....hey man you can't do that or else you'll leave a streak across the entire store.  I said ok....and I got some paper towels and freaking got on my hands and knees across the entire store. 

Got a story from work?  Share it with me and I'll add it to my collection of useless stories.

Well I was at Krispy Kreme, and there was this lady who came through the drive thru, and she held up 2 fingers and said something, attempting to order 2 donuts? Well I wouldn't know because I couldn't hear her since her window is still closed. So I mouth really big and tell her that her window is open...but instead of opening she just starts to yell. I guess she didn't realize she couldn't hear me either? so I kind of knock on her window, trying to tell her that her window is closed, but she doesn't get the hint. So she starts getting mad at this point that I am not taking her order. :/ So I figure she wants two glazed donuts~ I get this from the two fingers she's been holding up and at this point I was getting good at reading lips. So I just go get 2 glazed donuts and put them in a bag. And I hold them up outside the window. And when she puts her hand out to get them, it hits the window...AND THEN! she realizes her window was closed. And suddenly her frown turned upside down and she was like "oh! my window's closed! ha ha ha ha" And she finally gives me her money and drives off. I hope you liked my story. I liked your Starbucks story! so I thought I would send you a Krispy Kreme story. ok bye bye~ Uma