This will be a posting of completely wasteful online chatting encounters

April 4, 2003
BeetardedFoser: what would you drink anyways, we don't have any saki.
BeetardedFoser: jk
lianregnif: ha
lianregnif: first of all
BeetardedFoser: saki is jaopanese
lianregnif: it's spelt SAKE mister english teacher
lianregnif: and sake is indeed japanese
BeetardedFoser: hahaha, my bad
lianregnif: which i am not
BeetardedFoser: i know, hence the jk
lianregnif: hence your failed attempt at trying to make a racial joke
BeetardedFoser: you see, i realized it's flaw from the begininnig, and i wasn't trying to be racist, i thought you would see the humor in it as i'm sure you have realized that i'm not racist and also not a nationalsitc moron/republican
BeetardedFoser: but it's a moot point anyways
lianregnif: ha...yes i knew from the beggining you were being funny...
lianregnif: except republicans rules
lianregnif: democrats suck
BeetardedFoser: hahaha
BeetardedFoser: what about the green party?
lianregnif: green party? this is 2003?
lianregnif: the question is....where the hell is the whig part?
BeetardedFoser: uh huh, and...
lianregnif: *party
BeetardedFoser: good question, we need more whigs, and tories too
lianregnif: the federalist party was the best party ever created
BeetardedFoser: i disagree, the bourgoisie are by far superior to them
BeetardedFoser: until they all got killed that is
lianregnif: hey remember that one time we had that bostom massacre
lianregnif: that was sweet
lianregnif: *boston
lianregnif: everything sweet happens in boston
BeetardedFoser: yeah it was, americans rule at killing each other for no reason
lianregnif: Boston Tea Party? need i say more?
lianregnif: thanks
lianregnif: hey remember that time john smith came over to hang out with us?
BeetardedFoser: seriously though, john brown's raid? beats them all thanks
lianregnif: and then he fucked with pocahontas..that slut
BeetardedFoser: was john rolfe
lianregnif: was it? damn...all of these rumors
BeetardedFoser: but yeah, that dude was totally sweet, he was like the prverbial jane, taming the wild tarzan played by pochahontas
BeetardedFoser: *proverbial
BeetardedFoser: and what about sacagawea, that was one cool bitch
lianregnif: sacagawea and lewis and clark were bad ass
BeetardedFoser: almost as cool as aaron burr
lianregnif: aaron burr is lame
BeetardedFoser: what? he shot the president in a DUEL!
BeetardedFoser: he should have been president because of that
lianregnif: yea he shot him because he's pussy shit
BeetardedFoser: uhh no way, he shot him because he's cooler than the president
lianregnif: check your facts again dood
BeetardedFoser: how so?
lianregnif: aaron burr shot him because he was jealous of his penis
lianregnif: how lame is that?
BeetardedFoser: what? they had a duel i thought? no way that's right
lianregnif: yea..they were arguing about who's penis was the best looking
BeetardedFoser: hahaha, well i guess aaron's was because he won the duel then
lianregnif: i believe i should make a site and post our conversations on it...i think it will be a hit
BeetardedFoser: you should, it could be like a series of debates on the stupidest things in history
lianregnif: ready get set
lianregnif: i'm going to make one right now
lianregnif: it'll be finished in 10 minutes
lianregnif: watch out
BeetardedFoser: sweet, i need to start making more webpages
BeetardedFoser: i used to update mine like everyday
BeetardedFoser: and then i got friends
lianregnif: sweet
BeetardedFoser: do you have dreamweaver?
lianregnif: nope
BeetardedFoser: it is totally the coolest thing ever, i'll give you a copy this weekend
lianregnif: is it a web developing software?
BeetardedFoser: yeah, it has all these crazy functions built in, like a timer function that lets you move graphics using html
lianregnif: what?
lianregnif: what are you talking about?
lianregnif: i use frontpage to do all of my web crap
lianregnif: you know my web page right?
BeetardedFoser: umm, yeah i think i've been there once or twice
BeetardedFoser: but dreamweaver is like a skyline and frontpage is like a plymouth mini-van
lianregnif: r u sure?
BeetardedFoser: yes, trust me, it's supposed to cost like 500 dollars a copy
BeetardedFoser: it's the sweetest thing since a push pop
lianregnif: a push pop?
lianregnif: what are these computer jargo you are using?
BeetardedFoser: no, it's a candy
BeetardedFoser: it's a lollipop that comes in a little holder with a cap you can affix to your belt, so you can "save some for later" or something...i forget the jingo
BeetardedFoser: *jingle
lianregnif: oh those things
lianregnif: like the lollipops like a lip stick things?
lianregnif: yea...stupidest idea ever created
BeetardedFoser: yeah, my brother who is 16 told me they are totally sweet
lianregnif: like those ring pops?
lianregnif: yea...why would i wear a lollipop ring?
lianregnif: ghey
BeetardedFoser: ummm, because it leaves your hands free to do kid stuff like play baseball or pet a doggie or masturbate
BeetardedFoser: kids like that shit, it's called multitasking i think
lianregnif: ok so you jack off and lick a lollipop at the same time?
BeetardedFoser: exactly, kids go nuts for that
BeetardedFoser: i mean blow nuts. hahaha, get it? it's a lame pun
lianregnif: i guessss???